Note From The CRO

We have been requested by some fans to comment on The Forum and its moderation.

The Forum, as you will appreciate, is a free facility for the benefit of Cliff's fans. When it first appeared, it was unmoderated and this, quite frankly, proved unacceptable. It was necessary therefore to appoint moderators who were prepared to take on the role on a voluntary basis, who had the time to cope with it, who had adequate 'Cliff knowledge' and yet who could be impartial. There was no facility within the CRO for this, so two or three folk were approached and agreed to take on this role. 'Bob' was adopted as a generic name for the moderators.

The CRO has no problem with the 'Bobs' moderating the Forum and also occasionally posting messages under their own names, and we are grateful to them for the time and energy they devote to this task on everyone's behalf.

NB! No speculation regarding the identity/ies of Bob will be posted on the Forum, and no correspondence will be entered into.


Some people have reported problems with receiving their membership emails. These problems can be due to many reasons, by far the most common of which is email/spam filtering. If you have email/spam filtering software running on your computer, please check that it is not filtering out our emails. Also, you should check that your ISP is not pre-processing your email. If you or your ISP are using spam filtering software which uses any kind of challenge and response mechanism, our mailing system will not be able to communicate with you.

AOL users

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we are no longer able to include AOL email addresses on the mailing list. AOL users can still use the forum and read the blog but will no longer receive email updates from us.


This fan forum allows you to exchange messages and comments with other Cliff fans all over the world. You can submit your own messages, creating your own subjects for discussion, or you can respond to messages posted by other fans. The forum is moderated and all postings are checked and approved by the webmaster before they are published on the site.

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Regular users

You need to register first to use the forum. Registration is quick and easy to complete and once you've signed up there's no limits to using the forum. You will also be able to access Cliff's blog and we will add you to the mailing list.


If you wish to change your email address or your password you must login and change the details yourself in your forum preferences.

Please see this link in the forum for further advice on how to change your email address or password.