True Or False

This section will try to confirm or debunk the numerous rumours about Cliff that gain currency from time to time. Sometimes it may be empty, but we will hope to keep abreast of the grapevine!

For starters:  

  • There is a story afoot that Cliff's impromptu sing-along at Wimbledon in 1996 was engineered by his then PR company.   This was not the case;  Cliff was approached by Wimbledon officials initially for a straightforward interview, and they subsequently suggested that he sing a song or two.   No-one other than Cliff and Wimbledon personnel was involved.
  • Many fans assume that the CRO always knows when Cliff is to be on television. This is not so. Transmission dates are sometimes notified in good time, sometimes on the actual day, and occasionally not at all! Sometimes television cameras are at events - eg tennis - and Cliff is grabbed for an interview without the CRO knowing anything about it. When they do know in advance, they will try to post details on Now & Then, but ask for understanding if this isn't always possible.
  • It has come to the CRO's attention that fans are concerned about ticket allocations for Newmarket Promotions. Please note that Newmarket is allocated only a small proportion of seats in each block at the various venues, and does not receive anything approaching 'all the best seats', as has been rumoured. Newmarket's tickets clearly have to be allocated in advance of box office opening, but those fans who wish to buy a break which includes travel and accommodation pay considerably more, and are not in competition with those who want to pay for a ticket only. Hopefully this clarifies the situation!
  • Cliff has never had stoma surgery - this story has been doing the rounds for years but is totally unfounded.
  • See Fanzone for the CRO's comments about unauthorised recordings, photographs and merchandise.