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Music... The Air That I Breathe

Special 80th Birthday album released October 2020 features new tracks, covers and duets marking over 60 years in music

Cliff released a special album to celebrate his 80th Birthday year. The 12 track album entitled ‘Music... The Air That I Breathe’ marked Cliff’s incredible career spanning a massive 60+ years in music.

The new album shows Cliff’s amazing versatility with two newly written songs, 'Falling For You' and 'PS Please' as well as a selection of new interpretations of songs originally by Cliff's favourite artists including The Beatles' 'Here Comes The Sun' and The Bee Gees' 'Too Much Heaven'. Additionally, there are five duets with Bonnie Tyler, The Bellamy Brothers, Sheila Walsh, The Piano Guys and Albert Hammond on the track that inspired the album title The Air That I Breathe.

Sir Cliff Richard says: "Looking back, I remember thinking that I wouldn’t make it to 50 and here I am at 80, and what’s even better than that is I have a new album! 'Music… The Air That I Breathe' which features, not just me, but friends I admire who duetted with me on some of the tracks. I loved recording it and hope you will enjoy listening to it."


  1. Falling For You
  2. The Air That I Breathe - Cliff Richard with Albert Hammond
  3. Here Comes The Sun
  4. It Is Well Inside My Soul - Cliff Richard feat. Sheila Walsh
  5. Older
  6. PS Please
  7. Where Or When
  8. I Could Be Persuaded - Cliff Richard with The Bellamy Brothers
  9. Too Much Heaven
  10. Taking Control - Cliff Richard and Bonnie Tyler
  11. Let It Be Me
  12. (It's Gonna Be) Okay

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Music... The Air That I Breathe