Cliff Richard - A Head Full of Music

Cliff Richard - A Head Full of Music

A brand new book by Cliff Richard 'A Head Full of Music' is available now.

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In this new and personal memoir looking back over 65 years in music, Cliff Richard tells his own stories behind the songs and sounds that have stayed in his heart, and defined his life and times,

On a sunny Saturday morning in May 1956, a fifteen-year-old, then called Harry Webb,was mooching down Waltham Cross High Street. He heard some music blaring out of a parked car. It stopped him in his tracks. The song was 'Heartbreak Hotel' by Elvis Presley. It sounded like nothing he had ever heard before. In that instant, the schoolboy who was destined to take the hit parade by storm as Cliff Richard fell in love with rock and roll. It gave him the thrill, the purpose and the mission that has shaped his life ever since.

Cliff lives in and for music. And with 65 years as a hitmaker, the music filling his head is a broad category. His soundtrack begins by blasting us all back into that first life-changing explosion of rock and also includes great soul soul stars such as Aretha Franklin, long-time colleagues like Elton John, his all-time favourite band the Bee Gees, amazing gospel artists and much missed close friends Cilla Black and Olivia Newton-John.

This book is meaningful to Cliff on a number of levels. The 30 or so songs here that make up the soundtrack to his life have each moved him deeply, but it's also about the legendary artists he met, and often got to know. He shares those stories and memories with you too.

A Head Full of Music is a vibrant personal journey for Cliff, and it's a joy to accompany him on it. Get wired for sound with him and read on!